“Mr. Johnston has been on both sides of insurance litigation, having previously represented insurance companies, and now advocating for claimants. He knows the law and court systems well, has experience with both ERISA and non-ERISA cases. He is polite and friendly and listens to his clients, and goes to bat for them, usually on a contingency basis. He fights the good fight, and does it well.”

– Disinissues Good Lawyer List,

“With what you have done for me, I consider that I have won; to know you went out of your way, on your own dime and continued pushing forward! Richard, DON’T EVER STOP FIGHTING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, THIS SETS YOU APART FROM THE REST!”

– Email from client after court ruled against her

“Thank you SO much for believing in me and fighting for me tooth and nail!!!! . . . I’m just so happy!! You did wonderfully!!!! So grateful!!!!! . . . Thanks Richard. As I said, everyone who has listened to the oral argument online has said what a brilliant job you did. I can only agree. I’m just glad good finally willed out.”

– Email from client after prevailing in court

“It really was a pleasure to work with an attorney who was as well-prepared and thoughtful as yourself.”

– Retired judge statement to Richard Johnston after conducting mediation session

Court hearing culminates with federal judge telling “Richard Johnston of Johnston Law Office that he was ‘one of the best lawyers to appear in this court.’”


“This is an outstanding effort and legal writing at its very best. Thank you so much Richard.”

– Johnston Law Office client after review of settlement conference statement.

“Mr. Johnston was eager to assist me with a retirement benefit that I was maneuvered out of by my former employer. Mr. Johnston helped me to understand the case clearly and provided good guidance. I would certainly recommend him.”

– Client review posted at Avvo.com