Pension Benefits

Pension claim denials

Generally speaking, your pension claim is based on your years of service with an employer or in a particular industry, and the value of your retirement account. Being able to transition into retirement is something everyone looks forward to, and having to fight for pension benefits that you have earned can be disheartening. If you have been denied pension benefits from an employer, you need an experienced attorney that can handle your claim and protect your interests.

Once you submit your pension claim, the employer will subject it to a critical review, many times looking for any reason it can hang its hat on to deny pension benefits. For example:

  • The employer says you haven’t accumulated enough years of service to qualify for a pension.
  • The employer calculates pension benefits incorrectly.
  • Due to corporate mergers or restructuring, your pension file is lost or misplaced or otherwise improperly altered.
  • The employer says you forfeited service credits based on an asserted break in service.

These are just some of the reasons employers come up with to deny or terminate your pension claim. At Johnston Law office we know how to address these bases for denying your pension claim, and make sure your rights are respected throughout the process of trying to reverse a denial of pension benefits.