Disability Insurance

iStock_000004564807_LargeDisability insurance claim denials

Generally speaking, your disability insurance claim is based on your inability to work due to an illness or injury. The idea is to provide funds to replace the income you lose because of an inability to work.

Once you submit your disability insurance claim, the disability insurance company will subject it to a critical review, many times looking for any reason it can hang its hat on to deny disability insurance benefits. For example:

  • The disability insurance company says the condition that disables you is an excluded pre-existing condition.
  • The disability insurance company says there is insufficient “objective evidence” of your inability to work.
  • You haven’t recovered from your disabling condition as quickly as the disability insurance company, based on a set of arbitrary secret guidelines, says you should have.
  • The disability insurance company hires a private investigator to conduct secret surveillance on you, and they film you doing something the insurance company doesn’t like.
  • A doctor hired by the disability insurance company, who has never even met you, decides your own doctor’s opinion that your condition prevents you from working is wrong.
  • The condition that prevents you from working is subject to a vague disability insurance policy exclusion.

These are just some of the reasons disability insurance companies come up with to deny or terminate your disability insurance claim. At Johnston Law Office we know how to address insurance companies’ bases for denying your disability insurance claim, and make sure your rights are respected throughout the process of trying to reverse a denial or termination of disability insurance benefits. We fight for your rights to make sure you are fully covered for as long as you need it.

We are equipped to take on the biggest disability insurance companies in the industry, including UNUM, MetLife, Massachusetts Mutual, Northwestern Mutual, Prudential, CIGNA, LINA, Standard, Guardian, U.S. Life, Liberty Life, Liberty Mutual, Hartford, Lincoln, Aetna, Boston Mutual, Canada Life, CNA, Jefferson Pilot, Madison National, Minnesota Life, Mutual of Omaha, United of Omaha, Principal, Reliance Standard, and Sun Life. And, we are equally well-equipped to take on self-funded employer and union disability plans, as well as their third-party claims administrators like Corporate Benefit Administrators or Sedgwick CMS.