Thanks to Nicole Sandler and Air America for Taking On the Problem

[Edited to include a link to the audio…]

I ventured forth into the talk radio world last night, appearing on Nicole Sandler’s Air America talk show to discuss the Problem. Nicole conducted a polite debate between me and ERISA defense attorney Jeff Knapp of the Seattle office of Lane Powell, and I am hoping we were all able to shed some light on the subject from our respective points of reference. Jeff Knapp in particular deserves some props here, since he had to know he would be outnumbered (Nicole is definitively on our side on this one). Afterwards my colleague Jeff Metzger had a word with Nicole and reminded us that, for the time being at least, the Republicans are the ones who are on top of the ERISA issue. Jeff Metzger also appeared on Nicole’s show last week to address the issue. Thanks to Nicole and to all who took part. The audio of the show is available here.