Your insurance or pension claim has been denied. You’re upset, worried, unsure about what to do.

If it’s a health insurance claim that’s been denied, you’re potentially on the hook for catastrophic medical bills.

Insurance DenialsIf it’s a disability insurance claim that’s been denied, you’re facing the prospect of being both unable to work and without income.

If it’s a life insurance claim that’s been denied, you’re facing the prospect of carrying on without the financial support of, potentially, the primary breadwinner in your household.

If it’s a pension benefits claim that’s been denied, the financial security you thought you had earned through years of service suddenly disappears.

And this insurance or pension claim denial comes at a time when you’re least equipped to deal with—you’re recuperating, or disabled, or grieving the loss of a loved one, or suddenly scrambling to make ends meet.

It’s no secret that insurance companies and pension plans often undervalue or deny benefits through manipulative language and interpretations. Their ultimate goal is to protect their best interests—not yours. They may use tricky methods to confuse policyholders and employees, leaving them in a desperate situation, feeling as if they have no recourse.

At Johnston Law Office we understand. Maybe even better than you do, since we’re well-versed in the complicated procedures and legalities of challenging an insurance or pension claim denial. We know how insurance companies and benefit plans hide traps for the unwary; how missing a time limit by just a day can prevent you from even challenging an insurance or pension claim denial; and how to proceed in a state court under state law, or federal court under ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), if that becomes necessary.

Even when they tell you there’s nothing you can do—don’t take their word for it! It’s important to consult with a lawyer that has the knowledge and resources you need to make the right things happen. Being able to navigate the rules of the law is invaluable in making sure your rights are protected, you are treated fairly and your case is handled in a discreet and professional manner.

We handle your cases from beginning to end, advising you on the best strategy and your options under the law. If you find yourself on the receiving end of an insurance or pension claim denial, or cannot get any clear answers, we’re here to help.

And, we make it a point to do things right. We stand up for your rights after an insurance or pension claim denial, and we do it professionally and in a civil and businesslike manner. If you retain our services you’ll be proud of your lawyer.

For a free consultation to see how we can help, call our offices today.

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What People Are Saying

  • “Thank you SO much for believing in me and fighting for me tooth and nail!!!! I’m just so happy!! You did wonderfully!!!! So grateful!!!!! Thanks Richard. As I said, everyone who has listened to the oral argument online has said what a brilliant job you did. I can only agree. I’m just glad good finally willed out.”
    – Email from client after prevailing in court
  • “With what you have done for me, I consider that I have won; to know you went out of your way, on your own dime and continued pushing forward! Richard, DON’T EVER STOP FIGHTING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, THIS SETS YOU APART FROM THE REST!”
    – Email from client after court ruled against her
  • “It really was a pleasure to work with an attorney who was as well-prepared and thoughtful as yourself.”
    – Retired judge statement to Richard Johnston after conducting mediation session
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